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Katie Poon

who loves painting, especially Chinese brush painting, lives in London 

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Hi, I am Katie - hope you are well. This website was set up to commemorate my best friend - my mother. I remember that when I was a child, the material life was far from the rich era now. My mum taught me and my sister to paint, which was our greatest joy. Her kind, sincere personality and passion in charity work has always affected us. The 2020 pandemic has given us the opportunity to slow down and listen to our inner voices. Thanks to all the people who I have met and the encouragement from my family and friends, I can let go of the past and reunite with her through time and space via every stroke. I hope this love can be transformed into a power that spreads to more cancer patients and their families at Cancer Research UK. I wish you and your family peace and happiness, and thank you for visiting our website.

嗨,我是Katie,希望您和家人一切都好。设立这个网站是为了纪念我最好的朋友 - 我的母亲。记得在小时候那个物质生活远没有如今丰富的年代,妈妈教给我和姐姐画画带给了我们最美好的童年记忆。她善良真诚、乐善好施的品质更是影响了我们的一生。2020的疫情让我们有机会放慢脚步,倾听自己内心的声音。感恩所有的遇见和家人朋友们的支持鼓励,让我可以放下执着,将这份对妈妈的思念通过每一笔每一划穿越时间和空间与她相聚。 希望可以把这份爱转化成一种力量通过英国癌症基金会传播给癌症患者和家属。感谢您浏览这个网站,顺祝您和全家平安喜乐。 

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