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Love yourself - flower language 爱自己 - 花语

Which flower are you? 您是哪种花?

People often say: "A woman is like a flower." But there is always a day when a flower withers. How to make a flower look beautiful and lasting forever, it must be given sunshine, water and the best maintenance. Come to ECOONER for a free consultation - because the best you deserve the best care.

"A woman is like a flower" and there are hundreds of flowers, the nobleness of peony, the passion of iris, the delicate beauty of roses, the arrogance of plum blossoms, the elegance of orchids, the spiciness of roses, the exquisiteness of lilies, the purity of lotus... Come to ECOONER, find the limited hand-painted fan with a flower that would best describes you, take it home and send your love and kindness to the Cancer Research UK -because the best you have the most kind heart.

人们常说: “女人如花”, 但是花总有凋谢的一天,如何才能让一朵花看上去永远美丽动人,永远持久弥香,那就要给予阳光、水和最好的保养。找壹可医研享受一次免费咨询 – 因为最好的您值得拥有最好的呵护。

“女人如花”而花有百种,牡丹的高贵、鸢尾的热情、玫瑰的娇艳、梅花的清傲、兰花的幽雅、月季的泼辣、百合的玲珑、荷花的纯洁。来壹可医研,找到最符合您气质的限量手绘花语团扇,带它回家并把您的这份爱和善意传播给英国癌症基金会 – 因为最好的您有着一颗最善良的心。

June 2021 - 2022


ECOONER 壹可医研, 80 Harley St, W1G 7HL


Love yourself - flower language 爱自己 - 花语


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