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Please feel free to browse the pages of different paintings under Gallery and leave your valuable comments and suggestions should you wish. Thank you.


There are three options for customisation:

1. Printing on Xuan card + frame 

Painting frame sizes:

  • 30x40 cm

  • 32x32 cm

  • 37x37 cm

  • 40x50 cm

  • 52x52 cm

  • 50x70 cm

  • 61x91 cm

2. Hanging silk scrolls

Overall scroll sizes:

  • 33x65 cm

  • 45x65 cm

  • 50x100 cm

3. Customisable inscriptions

If there are no requirements, as a standard procedure the paintings will come with a Chinese stamp of Cloudlike Studio in red ink.

Please note that the paintings may look slightly different due to the environment which the pictures were taken in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email at

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