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In 2024: support Cancer Research UK with £9.99

get a FREE bilingual novel, A Passing Cloud. 


2024年:捐赠英国癌症研究 £9.99




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Photo credit: Helen Sun

2021: We exceeded our target! Thank you all! 

Sending ordered artworks with Cancer Research UK stickers - thank you for your support! 

Where your fundraising goes:

  • £40 could pay for a patient's cancer biopsy

  • £93 buys DNA nucleotides, chemical building blocks that make up a strand of DNA

  • £341 could fund a trial of an improved radiotherapy technique for prostate cancer for 1 day

  • £669 could fund a trial of the iKnife for one week, a new surgical tool that can detect tumour or healthy tissue in real-time as it cuts

  • It costs around £1,020 to fund one cancer nurse for one week




  • 40英镑可以支付患者的癌症活检费用

  • 93英镑购买DNA核苷酸,它是构成DNA链的化学结构单元

  • 341英镑可以资助一项改良的放射疗法治疗前列腺癌的试验1天

  • 669英镑可以资助iKnife的为期一周的试用,这是一种新的手术工具,可以在切割时实时检测肿瘤或健康组织

  • 一位癌症护士一周的资助费用约为1,020英镑


1. If you wish to donate only without an artwork, please visit Katie's Cancer Research UK fundraising page directly;
2. If you wish to choose an artwork please visit the gallery or ask for a tailor made size depending on availability. A minimum amount will be deducted from your donation with this option to cover a basic cost, i.e., painting materials, packaging and logistics, as advised by the charity;
3. Normally the painting can be dispatched within 3 working days after receiving your order. Please feel free to contact Katie at for any queries.  

Thank you for helping the world make a difference!


This website is dedicated to Shufen KE.

Love you always, Mum! 

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