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111022 - Invisible Cities (continued) & film night

Today we continued with the Invisible Cities project and I was delighted that I was able to finish all of the planned work on time. I have also made an additional piece of work - a cured key with a horse head - in light of the famous melting clocks made by Dali. My idea was that, sometimes we don't have to insert a key in order to open something, we could try to rotate it with a different angle and dimension - in other words, to think out of the box and you might see a different world. Horses are one of my favourite animals so I made a horse head.

The Mogao cave painting (image 3) represents the one inside of the cave as picture 2 shows below.

We watched Episode 5 of 8 "Consumers and Conscience - Art That Made Us", a BBC documentary. There were many famous artists in the programme, and I was impressed especially by Josiah Wedgwood FRS who was an English potter, entrepreneur and abolitionist. Founding the Wedgwood company in 1759, he developed improved pottery bodies by systematic experimentation, and was the leader in the industrialisation of the manufacture of European pottery. A prominent abolitionist fighting slavery, Wedgwood is remembered too for his Am I Not a Man And a Brother? anti-slavery medallion.

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