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151122 - Traces (continued)

Today I tried using latex to create a very thin layer - it smelled horrible and it was difficult to estimate the drying time I have to say!

We had also looked the work created by Louise Bourgeois and Sarah Lucas. I was impressed by Bourgeois's work especially the "Spider" - Mieke Bal, describes its legs as being, "like a ballerina's; they stand on fine points of needle sharp toes." The basket containing eggs is thought to imply that the spider is female and maternal in nature - the artist changed my mind on spiders as I used to be afraid of spiders before. I tried to use tights, wool, needle, thread, balloon, and other materials to create a spooky figure - a person wore a little black dress - an idea inspired by Lucas's work who frequently employed visual puns and bawdy humour by incorporating photography.

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