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210922 - Hew Locke, Cornelia Parker, Maria Bartuszova, and Lubaina Himid & B-list project

It was an eye opening experience for me! We first began our day with the Procession at Tate Britain. British sculptor and contemporary visual artist Hew Locke has created a new and exciting large-scale installation for the 2022 Commission called the Procession. It invited us to "reflect on the cycles of history, and the ebb and flow of cultures, people and finance and power." We then visited the work created by Parker, Bartuszova and Himid respectively; I was particularly interested in Bartuszova's plaster work, most probably because I was in the middle of learning how to use plaster to create something. I was amazed to learn how she had used her "pneumatic shaping" technique by pouring plaster over inflated rubber balloons to produce a cast, before allowing them to burst. The pressure of the burst balloons created disintegrated shell and egg-like forms. I was tempted to try it too!

We were given a task of B-list - to choose two words from a list of words that begin with the letter "B". This work was about interpretation, as one word might mean differently from one person to another. There were many words that rang a bell, i.e., brave (the film and the browser), born, bold, Britain, book, bygone, benediction, Buddha, etc..., I needed to keep my thinking cap on!

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