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061022 - Oil painting with Mattea Perrotta, and life drawing with John Close

It was our great pleasure today to meet Mattea, a Paris-based artist born and raised in Los Angeles. She encouraged us to use 5 forms and 6 colours to create 3 pieces of artwork within 3 hours - I hesitated at the beginning since I was not sure what abstract art is supposed to be (or if there IS a definition at all) but with the countdown starting, I forced myself to start brainstorming and started to note down some ideas in my mini sketchbook; the world was turned upside down with C-19 in 2019, people had to walk onto a scary single-plank bridge with a sea of fire underneath (some people unfortunately fell over and died, there was no alternative and all we could do was to keep marching forward. The world was crying (a bandaged person with only one eye and in tears)...; over the last three years the world was smothered in fog and nobody knew what would happen next. While entering the last quarter of 2022 there was even war and a threat of nuclear weapons in the air...; however with less than 100 days before the world enters a new year, we hope we will see a society in order (with the symbol of traffic light) with a greener and more peaceful future ahead of us:

Some materials introduced by Mattea:

Again we had some fun with John Close at the live drawing class. He taught us the difference between light and dark tones, and how to break down the pictures into four main tones: white, light grey, dark grey and black. I enjoyed the lesson!

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