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200922 - Invisible Cities & 3 great artists

From 2D to 3D, we were encouraged to explore plaster and clay to construct and form a city. We anticipate in the end all of our work will be collaborated into a joint group work - a visible city. I was confused at the beginning since I felt there were so many things going on at the same time, ie, new materials, new classmates, and a new environment, but with our lovely Susi, who was always there to give us support, I quickly started working on my first plaster work. I had the idea of creating a Mogao Cave with a shaped object within a cave, but I then realised it was not as simple as I had imagined so, without any surprises, I failed (the container was stuck inside the plaster) with my first attempt, so I decided to buy some more materials to practise at home!

I took some photos around HSoA with a shape that are similar to the Mogao Cave, to help me to plan and draft my next plaster model.

We were so tired after the whole day's workshop but our day didn't end there. We watched the programme called "CORNELIA PARKER "Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View" (1991) " which gave us some background information about this project: with the help of the army, she created this work by blowing up a garden shed containing various objects. We were then introduced to a couple more artists: Maria Bartuszova, and Lubaina Himid, whose work are currently on display at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. We very much looked forward to seeing their work the following day...

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