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280922 - my first Pecha Kucha Presentation!

I am pleased that I managed to put 20 slides together and presented in front of my class with my first Pecha Kucha presentation! I have learnt from my class too in terms of their specialties and areas of interest. Susi and my classmates all gave me their feedback and suggestions which I found really valuable. For instance, Susi suggested me to take a look at the work of a few artists including the French painter Odilon Redon, and Marc Chagall the Russian-French artist, for dreams and symbolism, as well as the surrealist Dali; I was also encouraged to think about how I want to interpret the cave; perhaps by setting up a stage / layout on the floor to create a picture, photograph it and paint it (i.e. see artist Boyd Webb's work)? Or I could perhaps expand the background stories by using calligraphy? Animal presentation - deer, rabbit, Buddha? Gongbi or Xieyi style in terms of Chinese painting style etc.?

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